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  My little chess computer tournament
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   Author  Topic: My little chess computer tournament  (Read 853 times)
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This is great forum!!

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Re:My little chess computer tournament
« on: December 30, 2006, 03:26PM »
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next match 1 hour per game? 
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How about a nice game of chess ?

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My little chess computer tournament
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2006, 08:52AM »
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Having some spare time over Christmas i always like to run a little chess tournament and here is this years.

The contenders:

Mephisto Genius 68030
Saitek Sparc
Kasparov Risc 2500 2 Mb
Novag Star Diamond

All play all format with a time limit of 30 minutes each to complete the game and all the settings were on normal factory default.

Instead of giving you the games i made some comments/observations as the games were played so i hope you will find this more interesting ?.

Round 1:
Genius v Risc 2500
A complicated sicilian opening which i did not really understand. Risc sacrificed to get R + 2 pawns against B + N { no surprise there then } and the extra pawns seemed to give it all the chances. Both sides eventually queened pawns however the Genius was lucky to get a perpetual check for the draw.

Sparc v Novag
Sparc got a comfortable Queens gambit position but then got into trouble on the back rank with the Novag having mating threats, so a sacrifice of R for N on f6 was forced for another draw by perpetual check !.

Round 2:
Novag v Genius
The Genius blasted through it's moves and seemed the more aggressive but all the pieces came off to a Queen and pawn ending but with the Novag having a huge passed d pawn which always looked likely to win once it's King was safe from checks. Novag win.

Risc v Sparc
Risc made all the play while the Sparc was very passive with at one point no pieces beyond it's the second rank. An ending of R  + minor piece and passed pawn each where the Sparc could have easily forced the draw but tried to win it and managed to lose the game. Club players will know this feeling !.

Final round 3:
Novag v Risc
A win would produce the champion. A very even game with both computers matching each other move for move, a level Q + pawn ending resulted. You could really call this a 'grandmaster' draw !

Sparc v Genius
Sparc again got a nice position this time from an English opening but grabbed a risky pawn which i am sure most human mortals would never even consider. The resulting attack was painful to watch with Sparc having to give up it's Queen for R + B to prevent mate. Genius finished off quickly with it's 2 passed pawns supported by the Queen.

Risc: 2/3. Played the most entertaining chess always looking to attack. Good result but not unexpected.

Novag: 2/3. The big surprise of the tournament as joint winner. Has the most accomplished playing style and a very good all rounder.

Genius: 1.5/3. My pre tournament favourite. Fantastic tactical ability but played too quickly not using more than half it's allocated time in all games. Out of the 4 computers here i find this the most difficult to play against.

Sparc: 0.5/3. Got nice positions but unfortunately made the most blunders, i think it plays better at longer time limits. Has a nice quiet/ reserved style of play but still a very strong machine.

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