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May 19, 2019, 08:32PM
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  Eproms Tasc 30 Version 2,23 "RARE"
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   Author  Topic: Eproms Tasc 30 Version 2,23 "RARE"  (Read 5502 times)
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Eproms Tasc 30 Version 2,23 "RARE"
« on: July 19, 2013, 11:10AM »
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I have the only version in the world of this version
And i want to share it with u, for the ones who have interest

The e proms will cost 100 Euro+ shipment
The most of the profit will be donate to a foundation

the 2.23 have the WC Book witch never have been released

this variants are new, which no other Tasc R30 2.2- 2.5 , Montreux,Risc 2500 will play

Pils Variante,Kings gambit,Max Lange,Spanisch with f5,Bellon gambit,
Evans gambit,Wolga, Albins counter gambit

Grünfeld,1 d4 Pf6 2 c4 g6 3 Pc3 d5 4 Pf3 Lg7 5 Lg5 Pe4 6 cxd5 Pxg5 7 Pxg5 e6 8 Dd2 exd5 9 De3 Kf8 10 Df4 Lf6 11 h4 h6 12 Pxd5..
order 4,cxd5 where Bronstein the Quality sacrifice on a1

Boedapest gambit with 3 Sg4 and Se4

1 d4-Pf6 2c4-g6 3Pc3- Lg7 4 e4-d6, 5 f4-0-0, 6 Pf3-c5, also possible 7 0-0 and then after cxd4 and Pxd4
with this Variant, where Black J. Nunn played , the knower of this opening ,here won the R30

And 1 d4 d5 2 c4 Pc6 3 Pc3 dxc4 and then ,order 3 ...Pe5 4 Dd4 f6!! order 3... Pa5 4 Da4 c6 5 b4 b5 6 Dxa5 Dxa5 7 bxa5 b4.watch it:
side variants are also very dangerous

also 1d4-Sf6, 2 c4-g6, 3 Sc3-d5 4, g4!!

and much more, this book is Hugh!

I must have 10 persons, at least

If u are interest contact me please mierlo15@ziggo.nl

Kind regards,Hans
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