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November 19, 2019, 12:04PM
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  Tasc playing FRC (Chess960)
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   Author  Topic: Tasc playing FRC (Chess960)  (Read 511 times)
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Tasc playing FRC (Chess960)
« on: August 19, 2005, 04:22PM »
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I talked about this before and these recent news made be go back to this subject.

Fischer Random Chess Computer Tournament at Reykjavik University
"The unofficial Fischer Random Chess Computer World Championships for software programs commenced at Reykjavk University yesterday afternoon. The tournament is open to the public and admission is free. According to a news report on the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, RV, the Fischer matches are hard and fast, and a Bobby Fischer chess clock will be used."

Not that I have a lot of free time but I was really curious to see the Tasc playing FRC. This may be some type of heresy but I just had to do it. I knew I could set up the start position easily because Ive done it before (http://users.boardnation.com/~chesscomputers/index.php?board=1;action=display;threadid=370;start=0 ) but how would a complete game look like? How about castling? I suspect it would castle and it did!!

Heres the entire game. I just reset the unit and started playing with the default settings, letting it play against itself.
This is the starting position I used:

Nbc3 - Nbc6
f4 - f5
e4 - fxe4
Nxe4 - d5
Ng3 - e5
fxe5 - Nxe5
b4 - Nd7
Bd4 - Ne6
Nh5 - Bf7
Nxg7+ - Nxg7
Bxg7 - Rg8
Bxf8 - Kxf8
Ne3 - Re8
Be2 - Qd8
O-O(!) - Qh4
Rf5 - Rg5
Rcf1 - Ne5
Rxg5 - Qxg5
b5 - c5
Rf5 - Qg7
Qc3 - Nc4
Qxg7+ - Kxg7
Bxc4 - dxc4
Rxc4 - Rd8
Rc7 - Rxd2
Rxb7 - Re2
Nf5+ - Kf6
Rxa7 - Bd5
Kf1 - Rcx2
Ne3 - Rc1+
Ke2 - Be4
Kd2 - Rb1
a4 - Bxg2
Nxc4 - Bd5
Nb6 - Be4
Ke3 - Bf5
Kd4 - Rd1+
Kc5 - Rc1+
Kd6 - Be4
a5 - Rh1
Nd7+ - Kf5
Nc5 - Rxh2
Rf7+ - Kg6
Re7 - Rd2+
Kc7 - Rc2
Kb6 - Bg2
Nd3 - Ba8
Re8 - Bh1
Nc5 - h5
Rg8+ - Kf7
Rd8 - Bf3
a6 - Ra2
a7 - Ke7
Rh8 - h4
Rxh4 - Ba8
Rh8 - Bd5
Nb7 - Kf6
a8Q - Rxa8
Rxa8 - Be4
Ka7 - Bd5
Re8 - Bh1
b6 - Bd5
Nc5 - Kf5
Re6 - Kf4
Nd3+ - Kg3
Rg6+ - Kf3
Rd6 - Be4
Nc5 - Bf5
b7 - Kf4
b8Q - Ke3
Rf6 - Bd3
Qf4+ - Ke2
Qf1+ - Kd2
Qxd3+ - Kc1
Rf1+ - Kb2
Qb3 Mate

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