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  oldski-doosleds Message Board Terms -- 22 Aug 15
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oldski-doosleds Message Board Terms -- 22 Aug 15
« on: August 22, 2015, 02:40:49 AM »

Legal Stuff that needs to be pinned.

Terms About Using This Message Board From The Site Admin.

1.  Not responsible for others posts/off-site content. Vintage ski-doo only (BRP Moto-Ski OK). Can delete post for any reason!

2.  Your login information, E-Mail Address, ISP Location and etc will not be, nor has ever since the beginning in 2003, shared or sold to my knowledge.  Note:  See #3 below.

3. August 21, 2015 Guidelines From The Government:  No Information On Any Web Site Is Totally Safe From Aggressive Hackers.  I can't image any Hacker(s) want to hack this board and while every effort has been, and still is, taken to do the best I can to keep those folks out know this:  Use This Site At Your Own Risk.

4.  We run a clean board:  This site has a zero SPAM and Abuse Tolerance.  If you post SPAM and/or abuse this site your message will be deleted, your account removed, and your ISP address will be blocked.

5. If you don't Login at least once every 365 calendar days your account will be considered inactive and will be automatically deleted.

6.  Bombardier and BRP to my knowledge do not endorse this site, ski-doo is a trademark name and copyrighted by BRP.  These are used here on a non-commercial means (no paid advertising on this board) only as a hobby to help others clarify their post. 

7. Welcome to the best and most knowledgeable Antique, Classic, and Vintage Bombardier ski-doo related board on the Internet.

8.  If you don't agree to these terms do not sign up or use or delete your account.

Site Admin
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