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April 25, 2017, 01:35:57 AM
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 1   Paranormal / Speaking of Strange Discussion Board / New episodes of Speaking of Strange for 2017  on: January 9, 2017, 10:11:21 AM 
Started by Vance Pollock | Last post by Vance Pollock
Going strong in the New Year. Check out our 2017 debut broadcast, download, share... enjoy!


01-07-2017 - On a brand new Speaking of Strange . . .

Ringing in a trippy 2017, Vance Pollock guest hosts the show as Joshua heads to the sunny Bermuda Triangle.
Vance, Sam and Shelley will discuss famous figures who died in 2016 and the spiritual legacy that remains.

PLUS . . .

Vance and Shelley delve into their experiences with familiar spirits: A case study in how to make friends with hostile haunts.

The Florida bell rings like crazy as we ring in the New Year SOS-style!
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 2   Paranormal / Paranormal Discussion Board 2.0 / The White Mask  on: January 6, 2017, 03:33:10 PM 
Started by kestel | Last post by kestel
I grew up in a house that was built in about 1902.
I witnessed countless haunting incidents but none so chilling as "the gray one".
When I was around 12, I had a lucid dream where I was standing in my parents' bedroom and there was something behind me. My feet seemed planted in place so I whipped my head side to side to see what was behind me. It seemed to move to avoid my view.
It then asked, "Do you want me to scratch your back?" I ansered, "NO!"
  It then calmly replied, "I'll scratch your back for you.." I FELT COLD RAKE ACROSS MY BACK! You're not supposed to feel anything in a dream.
  My view then went third person, up and behind me. I saw deep slashed across my back and the flesh was hanging down. I saw startled and my view went back in front of me.
  It then said, "Did you know there's a window in your parents' closet?"
  At that, I woke up. I couldn't move. It felt like the room was spinning. I heard this repeated sound like a deep "whooshing" repeat over and over. I was TERRIFIED!
  There is no window on the outside to that closet. Though, I climbed to the back to investigate. The closet was approximately 7ft deep. It was full of old clothes. Bags of clothes lined the floor and the hanger.
I got to the back and stood up. There was a window! It was covered on the outside.
  I then ran to tell my little brother the whole story. We climbed back together. The window was gone! It's like it was never there!
  A couple days later, my brother came running up to me and said, "I just checked, the window is back!"
  We climbed back in and it was gone again!
Fast forward about a decade:
  There was an upstairs back porch in this house which was built onto the original structure. I had converted it into a band practice room. Added lots of sound deadening material to the walls and covered the windows.
  One night, after playing a small gig, I went in to put a cymbal I had lent to someone with the rest of my set already in there.
  The only light in the room was on a pull-string pretty far into the room. It was pitch black. I couldn't even see my hand in front of my face, literally. I swept my arm side to side tying to feel for the pull-string, walking slowly so I didn't trip over something.
  I hadn't yet reached the light when when I saw a dull, grayish glow in the far corner of the room. I stood there, looking curiously at it, wondering, where is this light coming from.
  Within about 3 seconds, the apparition became crystal clear. The face was like a white porcelain mask. Just black behind the eyes. very small nose and mouth. There appeared to be a grey cloak coming down from the shoulders to the floor. This, in a room where NOTHING ELSE is visible. I stood there, stunned for about a half second then it came at me at a rapid pace. I dropped the cymbal and ran out of the room.

A few months later:
  I was going to bed one night. I had turned off the lights and started to sit down on my bed. I happened to glance over and saw a white-ish blob to my left. I had an exercise machine there and I would sometimes toss a shirt onto it. I reached out thinking, "Is that a shirt hanging off?" Just before I got my hand to it, it became clear. It was that damn mask!
  totally stunned, I jumped under my sleeping bag. (logic escaped me lol)
  I laid there terrified, hoping it would go away. I then heard a, "zzzzt" like it had dragged its fingernail across the nylon shell of the blanket.
  It then SAT DOWN on the edge of my bed. The bed sank like a 200lb person had just sat next to me.
  At that, I shot out of bed, out of the room and downstairs. I don't even remember hitting the floor for the first 8 feet.
  As soon as I started to move, the weight next to me released. I moved through nothing at all.

A few years later:

  I was sitting in the downstairs half-bath taking care of business when, I saw what looked like some sort of mist fill the room about 2-1/2 feet deep. I looked down wondering, "what the hell is this?"
  I then saw three long, bony fingers with more-or-less claws on the end reach under the door, curl up to grab it, then it and the mist disappeared all together.

  I used to get terrible nightmares in that house. I often was aware they came from an outside source once I awoke. Though, those nightmares forced me to learn how to lucid dream where I could fly, and move or shape the environment around me to defend myself from the faceless threat I always felt chasing me.
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 3   Paranormal / Paranormal Discussion Board 2.0 / Re:Goat and minnions  on: September 8, 2016, 01:46:03 PM 
Started by Stevo | Last post by vazquezgold
sorry, this is my first time here......please tell me how to send or upload this picture that I told

I want to know differents point of view
My email is vazquezgold@hotmail.com
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 4   Paranormal / Paranormal Discussion Board 2.0 / Real Ghost in picture  on: September 8, 2016, 01:43:38 PM 
Started by vazquezgold | Last post by vazquezgold
hi there, I had a picture of mine where it can see a real ghost that apperas on it......please tell me how can I upload this image

Greetings from Colima
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 5   Paranormal / Paranormal Discussion Board 2.0 / Re:Goat and minnions  on: September 8, 2016, 01:42:14 PM 
Started by Stevo | Last post by vazquezgold
Hi there.....I had a picture of mine, it is about my old house in Tonila, Jalisco....how can I upload this image? I would like to know your point of view and analize if it is really a ghost that apperars into my house

Greetings from Colima
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 6   Paranormal / Paranormal Discussion Board 2.0 / Re:Goat and minnions  on: July 10, 2016, 11:27:09 AM 
Started by Stevo | Last post by Vance Pollock
Curious title, but I'm not seeing anything in your post.
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 7   Brown Mountain Lights / Brown Mountain Discussion Board / Have the Brown Mountain Lights gone out?  on: July 10, 2016, 11:25:18 AM 
Started by Vance Pollock | Last post by Vance Pollock
Recent article:

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 8   Paranormal / Paranormal Discussion Board 2.0 / Goat and minnions  on: June 30, 2016, 01:51:41 AM 
Started by Stevo | Last post by Stevo

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 9   "Weird Stuff to Do"--Travel Tips! / Idaho / Etalaze steroid cycles Etalaze.biz  on: June 12, 2016, 12:25:52 AM 
Started by etalaze.biz | Last post by etalaze.biz
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 10   Paranormal / Speaking of Strange Discussion Board / Re:Fire Monkeys!  on: June 5, 2016, 05:44:56 PM 
Started by Joshua P. Warren - L.E.M.U.R. | Last post by Vance Pollock
2016 is The Year of The Fire Monkey!

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