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July 8, 2020, 03:27:07 AM
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  High Orb activity area from my property
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High Orb activity area from my property
« on: May 1, 2009, 09:59:22 AM »
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In 2008 I was taking pictures to document the rain fall which was part of an orgone energy weather experiment I was conducting.  What happened after that began my orb research from the property where I live, in Leesburg, Florida.  As with any research I present, I only ask that people open their minds & hearts to the possibilities around them.  The rest is up to them.  At one time I attempted, several times, to contact and invite different paranormal researchers to come here and see what they could find.  I was excited at that time because I thought people, or some people would believe me, but I was wrong.  One part of me says not to care about it, but another part feels sort of sad I guess.  Not sad that people paranormal researchers don't visit here, but sad that our world is the way that it is, and it's all based on free will, which has taken a direction for the worse.  Humanity definitely must change for the better, before it's too late.  Either way, at least the few of us know what we believe the truth really is and that is that there is mosst likely an orb portal here.  We don ot force our opinions upon anyone either!  We have documented what we believe are various species of orbs and other beings.  At any rate, here is a link to some of the pictures we have taken.  Also, I've already been fed an ear full from people who believe that most our orb pictures are not real orbs for what ever reasons.  I completely understand where they all are comming from, yet all of those people we're never with us at anytime, when we took all those pictures.  So much more than pictures and it all definitely is as real as you are, in our opinion.


I also made some videos concerning our orb research.  They are not 'real orb video footage', just still shots.  One interesting video, called dowsing orbs seems to have helped us to understand more about the orb activity here.  Here is the link...


I am very interested to know if anyone has ever seen or taken pictures of the same kind of orbs that we have & continue to take pictures of (some of them at least).  Feel free to contact me and let me know please. 



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