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  The long list - Lincoln vs Kennedy parallels!
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The long list - Lincoln vs Kennedy parallels!
« on: September 13, 2014, 07:39:56 PM »
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Most folks who've read the short list of strange synchros/parallels comparing President Abraham Lincoln to President John F. Kennedy, may not have seen the long list.

Here it is and maybe the short list is a topic in the Paranormal Discussion Board 2.0.

The connections continue with the many amazing parallels in life and death of two martyred United States presidents. The short listing is on many paranormal web sites. So it's rather an old well worn legend. This is the longer list of spooky parallels by far!

Note: The Internet's home for urban legends, Daily Snopes, takes the short list to task and explains each line in their sweat drenched investigation.

The Ode to President Lincoln

Johnny Horton's "Young Abe Lincoln - make a tall tall man"

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ubt0OWIg6qA />

The Ode to President Kennedy

Jimmy Dean's "PT 109"

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79pAw8ubhh4 />

Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy - parallels in life & in death

Believe It or Not!


# Both presidents had 7 letters in their last name.
# Both were over 6' feet tall.
# Both men studied law.
# Both seemed to have lazy eye muscles, which would sometimes cause one to deviate.
# Both suffered from genetic diseases. It is suspected that Lincoln had Marfan's disease, and Kennedy suffered from Addison's disease.
# Both served in the military. Lincoln was a scout captain in the Black Hawk War, and Kennedy served as a navy lieutenant in World War II.
# Both were boat captains. Lincoln was a skipper for the Talisman, a Mississippi River boat, and Kennedy was skipper of the PT 109.
# Both had no fear of their mortality and disdained bodyguards.
# Both often stated how easy it would be to shoot the president. Lincoln supposedly said, "If somebody wants to take my life, there is nothing I can do to prevent it." Kennedy supposedly said "If somebody wants to shoot me from a window with a rifle, nobody can stop it." Note that both of these quotes are each 16 words long.


# Both presidents were shot in the head, on a Friday.
# Both were seated beside their wives when shot. Neither Mrs. Lincoln nor Mrs. Kennedy was injured. Both wives held the bullet-torn heads of their husbands.
# In each case, the man nearest them was injured but not fatally. Major Henry Rathbone was slashed by a knife, and Governor John Connolly was shot.
# Lincoln sat in Box 7 at Ford's Theater. Kennedy rode in car 7 in the Dallas motorcade.
# Lincoln was shot at Ford's Theater. Kennedy was shot in a Ford product, a Lincoln limousine.
# Mrs. Kennedy insisted that her husband's funeral mirror Lincoln's as closely as possible.

The Assassins

# Both assassins used three names: John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald. (It should be noted that Lee Harvey Oswald was known as just Lee Oswald prior to the assassination.)
# There are 15 letters in each assassin's name.
# Both assassins struck when in their mid-twenties. Booth was born in 1838, and Oswald was born in 1939.
# Each assassin lacked a strong father figure in his life. Booth's father died when he was 13 years old, and Oswald's father died before he was born.
# Each assassin had two brothers whose careers he coveted. Booth's two brothers were more successful actors and Oswald envied his brothers' military lives.
# Both assassins were privates in the military. Booth was a private in the Virginia Militia, and Oswald was a private in the Marine Corps.
# Both assassins were born in the south.
# Both assassins were known sympathizers to enemies of the United States. Booth supported the Confederacy and Oswald was a Marxist.
# Both assassins often used aliases. Booth frequently used "J. Wilkes" and Oswald used the name "Alek J. Hidell."
# Booth shot Lincoln at a theater and was cornered in a warehouse. Oswald shot Kennedy from a warehouse and was cornered in a theater.
# Both assassins viewed each president before firing a similar way. Booth drilled a peep hole in the door; Oswald used a rifle scope.
# Each assassin was detained by an officer named Baker. Lt. Luther B. Baker was leader of the cavalry patrol which trapped Booth at Garrett's Barn. Officer Marion L. Baker, a Dallas motorcycle patrolman, briefly detained Oswald on the second floor of the School Book Depository until he learned that he worked there.
# Both assassins were killed with a single shot from a Colt revolver.
# Both assassins were shot in a blaze of light-Booth after the barn was set afire, and Oswald in the form of television cameras.

Family and Friends

# Both presidents were named after their grandfathers.
# Both were born second children.
# Both married while in their thirties. Lincoln married at 33 and Kennedy married at 36.
# Both married dark-haired, twenty-four-year-old women.
# Both wives died around the age of 64. Mary Todd Lincoln died in 1882 at age 63 years and 215 days, and Jackie Kennedy died in 1994 at age 64 years 295 days.
# Both wives were known for their high fashion in clothes.
# Both wives renovated the White House after many years of neglect.
# Each couple had four children, two of whom died before becoming a teen.
# Each couple lost a son while in the White House. Willie Lincoln died at age 12 in 1862, and Kennedy's son Patrick died two days after his birth in 1963.


# Both presidents were elected to the House of Representatives in '46.
# Both were runners-up for the party's nomination for vice-president in '56.
# Both were elected to the presidency in '60.


# Southern Democrats named Johnson succeeded both Lincoln and Kennedy (Andrew Johnson and Lyndon Baines Johnson.
# Andrew Johnson was born in 1808, and Lyndon Johnson was born in 1908.
# There are six letters in each Johnson's first name.
# Both Johnsons served in the military. Andrew was a brigadier general in the Civil War and Lyndon was a commander in the U.S. Navy during WW2.
# Both Johnsons were former southern senators.
# Both Johnsons had urethral stones, the only presidents to have them.
# Both Johnsons chose not to run for reelection in '68.

This is the largest listing I've ever found on the Internet. Would you believe there is more not included? One usual risque line is omitted above here but it's included in a few lists much shorter........here it is now.

Two weeks before Lincoln was killed he was in Monroe, Maryland. Two weeks before Kennedy was killed he was in Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn died in 1962 and JFK was killed in 1963.

This long version came from The Classic Rock Experience's web site. Once again no author has ever been given credit, that I'm aware of, since I saw the "short list" during the Winter of 1963.

Note: Oswald's Italian war relic Carcano carbine and potentially inconsistent war relic 6.5mm ammo (if it was that) gave me doubts about him at age 16. I'm 66 and since I owned one exactly like it, bought from Klein's Sporting Goods at age 13, I'm sure he was some sort of patsy.

I had a rifle like it in my hands just yesterday priced at $165 US dollars. Mine cost me $15 and the one in the Smithsonian Institution cost $24.50? with a scope. I did not know the Washington DC federal museum collected junk! I saw the rifle there in 1966, yep junk!

The old late 30s and early 40s ammo I owned went like this, click............bang!! Or bang with a huge kick! Or just click and no bang!

The investigators NEVER talked about the rifle shells. How new were they? Who made the rounds? Were year of manufacture dates stamped on the shell casing ends? How many total shells did he have? Did he have a bag of empty shells at home? How many practice rounds were left over at home? Did they try to fire them to see how dependable they were? All are questions never asked!

Edited on the day of posting this version. I read that WESTERN ammo from Winchester was used by the patsy Oswald. Maybe he fired 3 bullets at a rural location with the empty casings then placed near the window.

If you were going to donate a rifle to this plan. One would go to Guns and Ammo Magazine, just like I did, and turn one page for some of the cheapest mail-order guns in the nation at Kliens Sporting Goods, Chicago, Illinois!

One could say the fans of the legendary actress Marilyn Monroe were not saddened at loosing either of the two Kennedy brothers. Rich Playboys like that should have chased Bunnies!

Tonight's Coast to Coast AM, with host Dave Schrader, will be talking about suspicious suicides in history and Marilyn Monroe is on the list. I think she was murdered for knowing too much about the dark side of D.C. 

Now it's time to tune into Speaking of Strange! 
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"Coming Back to Life" - The Division Bell - Pink Floyd - 1994

As eerie prophetic lyrics it's chillingly an "Ode to Monsanto's CEO!"
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